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As a small business owner, your time is stretched thin. With meetings, photo shoots, studio sessions, conferences, product's a wonder how you have time to sleep! Your empire is growing quickly, you’re changing lives and making an impact.

Those hours spent watching endless YouTube tutorials on how to improve your graphics or tinkering with Canva and clipart in Microsoft Word, could be better spent elsewhere. Your business is definitely not a passing hobby, so it needs to reflect professionalism in every aspect. Visuals are a vital marketing component when designing your brand. When our attention spans are all of 8 seconds, an image allows your customers to understand who you are and what you’re selling immediately. It’s best to use custom designs that exude authority with polished and consistent branding to your marketing.

It’s time to hire a designer that clearly communicates the value of your brand. Here at Winter Woods Design studio, we'll make your business cards, flyers, social media graphics, menus, magazine layouts, and more look sleek and professional while you put all of your time and energy into operating your business.

Choosing a design team can seem like an overwhelming experience. You're entrusting the designer to understand your existing brand while grasping your business' vision and goals. With our knowledge and experience working with a wide range of industries, Winter Woods Design can elevate your business to the next level with clean, cohesive, and compelling visuals. Using the standard fondation of your branding, we adapt quickly to create designs that fit the look and feel of your business.

Save over $30,000 by hiring Winter Woods Design as your visual communications studio. In 2015, the annual median pay for graphic designers was $46,900. By purchasing our Distinguished In-House Design plan, you can get an entire year of customized designs for only $13,200! Save yourself a week or more per project, countless late nights, and stress fighting with your visuals.

Please note that the following case studies are for visual purposes only. Several graphics and companies are fictional and have been created to showcase the abilities and talents of our studio. We care about the privacy of our clients and will not publish client designs without prior permission.

Boys & Girls Club

brochure x stickers x membership card x flyer x poster x logo x postcard x program x placemat x tshirt x website

Yvette Allen-Campbell

website x business card x logo

Kiwi Shoe Polish

social media x magazine promo x campaign


Current work is password protected for confidentiality. Please contact us for more information.